Inspiring and Engaging Your Customers With Content That Moves.

Think about how you approach people.  Do you gravitate toward individuals you know and trust?  Are you apprehensive when dealing with unfamiliar people?  That’s how your customer feels.  In-store or online patrons, event attendees, or monthly subscribers: customers need to know who you are.

Parasol Media creates compelling video content that bridges the gap and engages your customers with you, showing them who you are and what you stand for.  Increasing the opportunity for your customers to come to you, confident and trusting in your expertise.

Online video is a big part of everyday life!

Millions of people view content on various devices every day and as we progress through our busy lives, it’s important to be visible and maintain a human connection.  Your business has to be more than just “business as usual”.

Affordable, Compelling, and High Quality Video Content

You’ve shopped around but your finances say “No”.  We assure you: videos don’t have to be expensive.

Yes, some videos cost more than others, but we can create content that works for you and your budget.  We will assist you by producing something your customers will watch, like, and share.  We keep things simple, high quality, and we have fun doing it.

We may be headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, but we provide video production to companies worldwide.

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