Online Video Production Anywhere You Are

We believe that businesses, both big and small, have a considerable number of integral tasks.  Time consuming video production days, multiple locations, and long driving distances between editing locations can be stressful.  That’s unnecessary.  Your customers might need you and who can be in multiple places at once?  A taxing video production process is no fun.

Parasol Media was founded as an online video production service.  This helps our clients continue their daily schedules and still easily give us input on their videos, with an online app.  Creating videos this way has proven successful for us, and we make sure that everyone maintains a human connection throughout the process.

We produce great videos out of Columbus, Ohio, but we also travel anywhere to bring our filming services to clients around the country and abroad.

See some of our existing work here.


Many Different Skills Coming Together in Harmony

Efficiently creating a captivating video requires expertise developed over many years through trial and error.  We understand what you expect from any company: professionalism and knowledge.  Most importantly, you expect compassion.

We work with our clients; that’s how it always has been and will remain.  We seek to empower our clients to make creative decisions and be proud of the final result.  We’ve made it our goal to deliver content that surpasses everyone’s expectations but not your budget.